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Best payment processor out there, you can even except credit card transactions.


if you think so? - but paypal have his own account policies and change this for his own goods as they need.

i.e. 04.04.2006 new paypal policies was made and many business, like paid mails company - get account blocked and closed

Pyramid, Multi Level Marketing, and Get Rich Quick Schemes Policy
You may not use PayPal to send or receive payments for any form of multi-level marketing programs, as well as matrix, pyramid schemes (including, without limitation, online payment randomizers), "Ponzi" schemes, "get rich quick" schemes, “Autosurf” programs, High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP), or other similar trading schemes.

Multi-Level Marketing
Multi-level marketing plans, also known as "network" or "matrix" marketing, include any business in which a person receives proceeds from his or her own sales of goods or services as well as those of recruited members. Similarly, PayPal prohibits as a Multi-Level Marketing plan any business in which payouts occur at two or more levels (both by the individual who actually sold the product as well as by the person(s) "upline" that recruited the selling individual). PayPal prohibits Multi-level Marketing plans whether or not they are legal under the laws of one or more jurisdictions.

Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes
Pyramid schemes, including "Gifting Clubs", involve the exchange of money in relation to the process of enrolling other people into the scheme. PayPal includes in its definition of "pyramid schemes" any system in which a hierarchy is created by people joining under others who joined previously, and in which those who join make payments to those above them in the hierarchy ("upline"). PayPal considers online payment randomizers to be a type of pyramid scheme because the majority of commissions are paid for recruitment of new members, and typically operate by random placement within the program.

Ponzi schemes involve a system in which existing members of a program receive payouts that are largely funded by new payments into the program. The source of these new payments into the program can either be from new members paying to join the program or from existing members contributing more money to the program.

Matrix Programs
PayPal prohibits as a "matrix program" any business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for the purpose of being added to a waiting list for a product. In these instances, the individual at the top of the list receives the product only after a set number of people have joined below him or her.

"Get Rich Quick" And Other Related Schemes
Get Rich Quick schemes include any type of self-employment, start-up businesses, or investment opportunity where the claims of profit or returns on investment are unrealistic or unsupported.

In determining whether a website or account violates our Pyramid, Multi Level Marketing and Get Rich Quick Schemes Policy, PayPal will consider some or all of the following factors:

* Offering commissions to recruit new members
* Requiring new distributors to purchase costly inventory or "start-up kits"
* Members' profits are derived from recruiting new members or from the sales of newly-recruited members ("downline"), rather than their own sales
* Payouts are funded through money paid into the system by new or existing members
* Money paid into the system is significantly greater than money paid out
* Unrealistic or unsupported promises regarding profits/return on investment
* Percentage of an entity's goods or services which are sold by a non-distributor
* Businesses warned against by any regulatory body or agency
* Flow of money derived from new members predominantly moves "upline"
* Preservation of the business rests on the exponential growth of new members or customers
* Speculative real estate or non-development property

account is good only for selling, if you are using thi to make any of above business - soon or later your account will be blocked and removed.


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Sorry for paypal supporters but i just hate them
They block accounts with no reason, and they have the worst support they take forever to answer and forget about phoning them ALWAYS busy