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The end of the road is nigh.

Email from Nate reads:
First off, I want to thank you for the run. It wasn't much, and I admit ,you showed some support.
Here is what is about to happen tonight. will be taken offline. With the current database in tact.

However, the script will be taken down. So no more surfing, no more anything until we have the refund database. Then only refunds.

I am sorry for the short notice, but this is the way it needs to be.
Like I said, the database is in tact.

I have one outstanding payment of $58.29 since 1st September 2006 and a balance of $31.50 waiting to be claimed (can’t claim until the previous claim is paid).

In theory I will be due a refund of $41.55 but you can bet your sweet life that Nate will find some way of not paying it as it was a previous balance transferred from KGS and the upgrade for KGS was transferred from the balance of KS.

It seems this is a good site. :rock:

You have been banned for 1 day Washyip because posting “It seems this is a good site” in a thread that is telling how bad the site is, is an absolute nonsense.

You will be able to post tomorrow at about this time. If you persist in making silly posts the ban will become permanent.