View Full Version : suggestion: a contest?

i think a contest like "member of the month contest" or "top contributor contest" will be great. i see many forums are doing it and winner receives some cash as a prize. just a suggestion.

Yes I agree with you I would like here to have the opportunity to join at contests, too.

I agree with your suggestion, I think this is a good idea that could boost the activeness of members in this forum or maybe to better the quality of the posts of every member in here.

Interesting suggestion and Iím sure that shark will look at it in due course.

However such a contest would, by its nature, be subjective. Meaning that someone in admin would have to read every single post and then decide on the winner. I think that you will find that GT admin has more than enough on its hands with the P2P.

Sorry but this thread has to be closed as it serves no useful purpose.