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I can recommend you good arbitrage betting software, which I have used for some time. I was just the beta-tester of the program, but I've managed to realize the real profit of using it and got the profit in real cash.
It saves much time, bettors will appreciate its ability to find and calculate arbs at different bookmakers. The program will do this job much better and faster than we do manually. If you start to use it, there will be no need to search a multitude of lines, calculate all possible arbs, sum of odds and profit of every bookmaker. It can even register you on some bookmaker's sites. It can really save you a good deal of so precious time and help you to earn serious money. It will be on sale from 07 March 2010 and will cost only 99$. Those who are interested in improving your betting job, you are very welcome to

thank you for your information. I will try it .

Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts that have some relevancy!