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Guys, this one is quite a good PTC site.
They are offering $0.02 minimum payout, so low!
And another good thing is they pay instantly.
I think this one deserves a chance.

Here ar some other detail information about the site :


** Downline Builder **
** Free Click Exchange **
** Referral Earnings **
** Paid To Click **
** Paid To Read Emails **
** Paid To Read Ads **
** Paid to Promote **
** $0.02 Minimum Payout **
** Instant Payout **
** Join For Free Today! **


Members can click your ad once per 24 hours and their visit will last at least 30 seconds.

** Cheap Advertising! **
** 24 Hour Unique Hits **
** Free Live Stats **
** Many Ways To Advertise **
** Automated Transactions **
** Geotargeting **
** Try It Out Today! **

Visit the website by clicking this link :

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It is strange that the Upgrade prices of an Aurora site are so expensive. The Star membership costs $240 for a year and for 1 year Ultimate membership we have to pay $210... Unfortunately the site has no Forum and visitors can't check the advertisements. Maybe I will join it to see how many ads are provided a day but Liveptc doesn't seem too attractive right now...

As I know, usually the minimum payment using Alert Pay is $1, but how come this PTC offering $0.02 minimum payment??