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I am playing with the google chrome for quite some time and noticed that some of the addons are really hard to find and use. Proxy is one area where google chrome needs more addons. THere are very few addons as of now which can helps most of us to get the proxy and anonmous surfing. I think there is tor opera and tor firefox but there is no tor chrome or something.

YOu can try following addons if you want proxy for chrome.

Proxy addon list for chrome
Proxy switchy
Switch proxy

There are some other proxy addons which I will post soon here in this thread.

Putting or supplying proxy to the addon in the browser I thought it for those who do not pay internet subscription and want to be surfing without paying.

I discovered that you can add "--proxy-server=" to the shortcut. That circumvents the IE/windows proxy.
But of course this should just be in the preferences, like in FF.

This solution does not seem to work in incognito mode however. Weird.

Sakhti not only in incognito mode but if you're using chrome tor it seesm to be ceased to work. I think there are some issues that way. I have no plans to buy commercial proxies to make it work under chrome, that's just not fun for minor work.

Dont get it twisted it's not only applicable to the computer alone, it's also applicable to mobile phone browser, for instance i'm using bypassproxy for free on my symbian phone of Nokia E61i

How to block proxy access in Google Chrome.?
Ok, here is the deal, my parents take in foster children and exchange students ok, the exchange students have their own computers, my foster though, does not. I allow her access to my computer for a certain amount of time per day, and I have a chrome extension that Limits her time on certain sites (I dont use different accounts on my computer.)


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Nice Post and i use to proxy extension for GOOGLE CHROME. An i share to PROXY EXTENSION link

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Proxy use is mostly to some countries which their ISP is very cost. This way, some of the individuals, go to the extend of creacting free proxies for their free web browsing. I have used google chrome once, and i don't think it has such option to add proxies, though people do usually use firefox for free browsing.