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I am the admin

Much Earn is a new money making portal and directory, the most important part of which is the SHARES PROGRAM:

Welcome to Much Earn's share program.

We would like Much Earn to become one of the largest money making portals on the internet - but we need your help!

In our share program we give you the chance to make money while helping Much Earn grow.

How it works
Purchase shares for just $3 each
For each share you purchase you will receive 10,000 banner and 10,000 text ad impressions
50% of share purchases are split between share holders (you earn!)
50% of purchases are invested in advertising and improving Much Earn
75% of non-share income is split between share holders (you earn again!)
Each share will keep earning until you DOUBLE your money - and then you can buy more shares, there is NO LIMIT to how much you can earn here!

This isn't a HYIP, it is a traffic exchange type program.

Much Earn has now been running and paying for more than one month!

We have had investment every single day since we opened which is just great, steady earnings for everyone :)

I want traffic into my blog.Do you know some good site to advertise?

very good site. I think its a very good opportunity for all to make money.You told here each share is only $3.00.Its very simple.I will be join very soon .

Much Earn is still online and still with investment every single day since we opened!

Over the next month or two we will be expanding our free download section - so take a look and grab some cool free stuff!

i think it is not a good for us

can this thread moved ? it not traffic exchange .

Well, I think this thread should move on HYIP investment posts.

I like this site but before working on it, I like to see some payment proofs. Can you give me any link or do you have any forum where member posts payment proofs. Thanks

Yes - I don't know why this thread was moved, it is not a traffic exchange. Whilst not a true HYIP it is a share program which is very similar. We do have a forum on site with payment proofs

Anyway Much Earn is still running super well - loads of updates done/coming, the latest is we have added free downloads for share holders - purchase just one share and you can download hundreds of webscripts, tools, PLR articles and Ebooks!

What is this thread doing here?! I don't think much earn can be classed as a traffic exchange!
Pretty happy hear, my investments are earning reasonably and payments are always paid swiftly (within 48 hours)

this is a nice proposal but site has suspended now , so this chapter should be close now .