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Flying man HI Newbie here!@

thanks for welcoming me here!

i am a newbie!
and exactly i dont know where to find my first post!

i got lost.
it is kinda confusing here, though!

and i wanted to find my very first post!

ahahahahha.....well i guess i need to log in always and read all your admin forum to know more!

coz i really dont know how things work here!!!!

i really am not much after the money ill get from this forum, though, but mainly on how to post about my payouts from hyip and of course to know more about hyips increasingly!

glad i found GoldenTalk!

now i am rest assured i would know more about my hyips and more for those others!

please tell, do you have a short cut of a poster's threads or posts in the account control panel?

thanks guys.

it is i,eye
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