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Originally Posted by jerryspa303
Hello jambutty
It seems like you have cleared up everything but what I'm thinking now is that if you have a site which you had discuss about in the thread which it is suited for but however you take that same info with a little twist to it and your referral link,would you classified this thread to be an advertisement?
You will have noticed that this forum does not contain one single banner or advert with the exception of the link to GoldPoll, the sister monitoring site to this forum. As both sites are run by the same admin we can hardly complain about that.

Any post that contains a referral link or a user ID is classed as advertising. Except for posts in the Advertising folders.

Since this thread was started five and half years ago (wow! Doesn’t time fly?) the definition of advertising as applicable to this forum has been refined a bit.

Posts not in advertising that are nothing more than a copy and paste from the web site are also seen as advertising even though there is no referral URL or user ID. The discussion folders are for discussing an HYIP. Copying and pasting is not discussing.

“I am not admin” is not discussing. Neither are short comments like “I like this site and I’ve joined”.

So copy and paste from the web site by all means but if the post does not contain some meaningful discussion it will be classed as advertising.

I can’t give you a definition of ‘meaningful’ other than to say it should have more information than what it states on the web site.
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