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I'm in the weekly plan.

My today's full review, enjoy.
Howdy Fellow Hyippers !

Today, after some good reflections, I decided to add a new program to my list. Or better, rather than new itís a remake of a past glorious hyip: Iím talking about Newgni.

Oh oh oh..I think many of you remember the past successful GNI, aka Goldnuggetinvest.
Between October 2008 and November 2009 they paid a juicy 6% weekly, being one of the most popular hyip of that glorious Golden Age of hyips.
Then in November 2009 they had big troubles, had to stop with the usual terms, set up a ďrecovery planĒ that actually never worked. Very few members got paid from them after November ( not me btw lol..), and finally, after, it has to be said, a ton of ******** and lies, the program collapsed and scammed in March 2010.

Some thoughts of mine about this story have to be surely shared.

- GNI has been my most successful program, that means the program from which I earned the biggest amount of money. And when they scammed it was the program where I still had my biggest money too.. So I have deeply loved and later hated GNI for obvious reasons..
- At that time I really thought they were involved in arbitrage betting, as the Newgni also claims to be. Iím absolutely not sure now they really were.
- at that time GNI surely had real troubles, such has the sudden collapse of Strictpay and the issues with the Yesilada Bank ( the bank located in Northern Cyprus they used for bank wires, terrific choice btw.. ). Both of these companies ****ed them a lot of money, this is out of doubt since I know it for sure.
Then they surely could avoid all the final pathetic ******** and theatre before the end.

Ok, back to present time. Now, at least so it is said, they are back with a new creature, Newgni, whose admin is supposed to be Jurgen Wilkens, a partner in the old GNI. True or not ? Donít know, and sincerely thatís not the most important point. However, as we will see, the admin behind Newgni copied everything from the old and last version of GNI.

They claim again to be involved with arbitrage betting. For me itís not so until differently proven, also given the bitter past experience. If then they are, totally or partially, much better. Anyway thatís a hyip. Period.

Letís look so first of all to the plans offered:

The Daily Winner
Interest: 1% daily, Monday to Friday | Minimum Invest: $20 | Maximum Invest: $20,000

The Weekly Champion
Interest: 6% weekly | Minimum Invest: $50 | Maximum Invest: $50,000

Here they exactly offer the same as GNI in its better days. Also the minimum spends match.

In both plans your principal is subject to a 180 day lock-in period, after which you may ask it back or just leave it in place and continue getting paid, since there is no fixed expiry date on your deposit.

Maths tells us that you need 20 weeks to breakeven with the daily plan and 17 with the weekly one, that is the one I prefer, and preferred in the older version too. Letís say I like programs with weekly payments generally.

Payments options available are limited to Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. Again I only miss SolidTrustPay for its nice credit cards options. Otherwise for a hyip LR and PM are far enough to run the game, if not for the fact that they are very predictable and not tricky.

An excursion in their setup: the site is hosted on a dedicated DDoS protected server from Dragonara.
The script is exactly 100% the same that the last version of GNI used and is provided by ShadowScript. This let me think that we have the same backstage or someone who perfectly knew it. Every detail of the layout matches.
Actually also the deposit process is the same they used in their last months. So first you have to fund your account clicking on the ďFund E-WalletĒ link in the members area, and only later chose the investment plan that you prefer, clicking the ďMake New PurchaseĒ. Done.

You need to have a minimum of $1 in your cash balance in order to request a withdrawal.
All withdrawal requests are processed daily after 16:00 (GMT) from Monday to Friday. Withdrawal requests posted on a Saturday or Sunday will be processed on the following Monday.

As written at the beginning I thought for a couple of days if to get involved with Newgni and list it or not. Finally itís a program that ****ed me already once..
It is more or less like to meet an old beloved girlfriend that gave you a lot of joy but also let you suffer a lot, asking you ďletís try again baby, I know I left you for another man, but now Iíll be faithful againĒ.
I also waited to see the reactions of the market, that look quite promising indeed.
Honestly I do not expect Newgni to have the same success of the old one, that would be asking too much. If this will happen, nothing to complain though !
But I have the feeling that it is a program from which there will be a lot to profit. And as usual the early we join, the higher our chances are.
So I decided to give it a shot in the weekly plan.

Good luck !
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