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Old 07-08-2012, 07:16 PM   #1
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Location: London, UK
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Arrow Krazyq - krazyq.com

Im not admin
Hey, are you ready to:

- have fun
- advertise your business
- earn up to $$1100 per position


What if I told you that you could
do all that for just a 25 cent subscription?


Not only that, there is NO referring required
to turn each 25 cent subscription into $1100!

PLUS... You get a NEW position every day!

Plus-Plus... Each position generates another
56 positions and EACH of these positions can
pay you up to $1100 in bonuses!

Wait - I need more "PLUS"s

Because you also get amazing and DYNAMIC
advertising with each subscription every day!

Hurry, it's time to go a little Krazy at the Q:
Click Here To Join
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Old 07-08-2012, 09:10 PM   #2
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Location: London, UK
Posts: 39
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Admin Update
Hello Q Members

What if you had the chance to be one of the Founders of one of the big programs online today? We know in many of these programs, 1 year or more later, some are receiving upwards of 5 to 10,000 in founder bonus money alone!

At the Q, you have that same chance BUT you have the chance to get in early and not miss it. You are in on the ground floor this time!

If you have not checked out the “Club” link in your back office of the Q yet, be sure to do so.

For a limited time we are allowing a maximum of 500 total members to join the Q Club and have the ability to receive a share of the monthly Q Club Bonus pool paid out on the first of the month to all qualified Q Club Elite members (Founders).

How does the Q Club Bonus Pool accumulate?

2% to 4% of every active 25 cent sub that runs daily.
10% of all Retail Purchases made daily. (Coming in Phase 2)
4% / 10% of all Subs / Retail Purchases made daily through QTwist. (Coming in Phase 3)

Now, we cannot give out ALL the details yet of Phase 2 and Phase 3 but we can give some hints…

Phase 2:

Q Mailer
Q Sub Settings
Q Retail
Q Sub Ad Pack Transfers
2 Tier Aff program

Phase 3:

QTwist (and sister site for customers, members, advertise)
And more ways to advertise and earn…

In total, the Q will have up to 10 ways to earn and multiple advertising platforms.

You will want to be a Q Club Elite member.

Grab your referral link and invite others in to the Q and start building your future.

KrazyQ advertising
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Old 08-08-2012, 01:04 PM   #3
Junior Investor
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: London, UK
Posts: 39
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Admin Update !
Hello Q Members

First, thank you for joining us here at the Q.
We are honored to have you all as members as we
embark on what will be an amazing journey, not
only with advertising but with huge earning
potential as we work to open up all aspects of
the Q over the coming weeks and months!

We are currently open for what we consider phase 1.

Phase 1:

KQ 25 Cent Daily Advertising Subscriptions that
give you Banner, Text and also allow you to start
accumulating Q Mail Credits for the Q Mailer that
will be opening up in phase 2, plus allows you to
earn up to $1100 per position generated from each
subscription as they get pushed up through the
Kinetic Q system. As each position also creates over
56 additional positions, over time you will have
hundreds, if not thousands of positions moving
through the Kinetic Q system earning you money!

You do NOT need to refer to be able to earn in KQ but
you do receive sponsor bonuses as your referrals
positions move through the Q and on all the additional
they receive as well.

Free members can also earn in the Q by referring
others that get in to the 12 Level Kinetic Q as they
will receive sponsor bonuses.

Phase 2:

We will be introducing the Q Mailer. This mailer will
allow you to send out your solo ad offers to random Q
Members (and in phase 3, also to members in Q (can’t
say name yet)) which will be in the upper tens of
thousands when phase 3 comes out.

In addition, all members will be able to earn from
reading Q mail from members AND sponsors and their
sponsors will receive bonuses when their referrals
read the Q mail!

So as you can imagine, pre-building NOW will greatly
benefit you over time and not just from the Q Mailer,
but also from Retail sales (more commissions) coming
in phase 2.

We have a lot in store for the Q and Q members over
the coming weeks and months ahead as mentioned
(including transferable 30 day ad pack subs) that will
help BOOST your advertising and earning potential.

Oh, and all the new things coming that include purchases,
subs and so on, all will have a percentage shared with
our founding members (Q Club Elite Members) through the
Q Club Bonus pool so be sure to grab your Q Club
membership before all 500 (only 455 left) are sold out
(or the price goes up on August 25th).

More updates coming out as we move forward with Phases
1 to 3 in the Q.

Use your time now to build, build, build…

We promise you will be extremely happy you did!

KrazyQ Advertising
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Old 08-08-2012, 06:51 PM   #4
Junior Investor
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: London, UK
Posts: 39
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Admin Update !

Hello Q Members

Each 25 cent subscription Renews Daily!
(Stated on Purchase Subscription page)

Please ensure you keep enough available funds in your
Purchase Balance to cover your subscriptions. If you do
not and your subscriptions cancel, you will lose all your
active positions tagged to that subscription.

Daily 25 cent KQ subscriptions are run automatically
every night just after Midnight EST.

General rule of thumb (KQ Tip):

For each active KQ 25 cent subscription you have
purchased, keep up to $7.50 in your purchase balance
and it will ensure your KQ subscriptions never expire!

Thank you

KrazyQ Advertising
Login at KrazyQ.com

PS: Only 449 Q Club Elite (Founder) Memberships left.
Visit the “Club” page in your back office for more info!

PSS: With phases 2 and 3 coming please ensure to read
all updates sent out and posted in your back office. BIG
things are coming to the “Q”.

Spread the word and pre-build for your future now!
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